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Royal Finances

The cost of the Monarchy in Canada has been estimated at about $1.25 per person per year. This includes the costs of royal engagements and tours in Canada and the salaries and operating expenses of the Governor-General and the Lieutenant-Governors and their households. It was estimated in 1993 that the cost of the American Presidency was $1 billion USD per year, or $5 CAD per person, with the cost of state governors additional.

Personal expenses of the Royal Family are paid for from the private income of the Royal Family, and public expenses of the Monarchy in the United Kingdom or other realms of the Queen are paid for by the respective countries. Members of the Royal Family are paid no salary or honorarium by the Canadian or any Commonwealth government for carrying out their duties and fulfilling their inherited vocation, unlike many other Heads of State.

(Source: Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli, CRHT)

    Updated: 2006-10-04