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Queen and People

The ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II form a multicultural panorama. At least 40 different ethnic, historic or religious groups can be identified among them, including peoples of Asia and Africa, as well as Europe and the Ancient World.

Her Majesty possesses Jewish and Muslim as well as Christian forebears and she is descended from the Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan, among many other historical figures. At the time of her 1986 visit to China, articles in Chinese publications also asserted that she was descended from the Tang dynasty of Chinese Emperors.

Only a royal family can connect its people with the mainstream of history in this direct and tangible way. As a shared monarch the Queen is certainly living proof of how racial differences can be bridged, for Her Majesty is both Queen of Canada – a racially mixed but majority white society – and Queen of Jamaica – a racially mixed but majority black country.


The Queen is the fount of honour in Canada and the creator of all official honours, whether they are subsequently awarded by Her Majesty personally or on the Queen’s behalf by her representative, the Governor-General, with Her Majesty’s approval. Her Majesty is the Sovereign of all official orders.

Royal Visits

Visits to meet people throughout Canada are an important part of the Royal Family's role. Many of the visits are connected to charities and other organisations with which members of the Royal Family are associated. In other cases, Royal visits help to celebrate historic occasions in the life of a region or the nation. For more information, click here.

Anniversary Messages

Her Majesty is pleased to send greetings to her subjects celebrating their 60th or greater Wedding Anniversaries, or their 100th or greater Birthdays. These may be arranged through Rideau Hall, but must be requested well in advance of the occasion. For complete information, telephone Rideau Hall at (800) 465-6890, or to access the Governor General's web site, click here.

Writing to The Canadian Royal Family

Every subject has the right to address the Sovereign. The Queen welcomes the frank expressions of Canadians' concerns. These letters should be addressed to "Her Majesty The Queen", and may be forwarded to: Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom. The correct salutation is "Your Majesty".

Procedures are also in place at Rideau Hall for the delivery of correspondence from Canadians to Buckingham Palace via diplomatic bag. It is recommended that Canadians first write to Rideau Hall, rather than directly to the Palace, if the question being raised involves the provision of advice or information on the part of Rideau Hall to Palace officials (eg, requests for the use of the title “Royal” and Royal patronages, matters relating to official Royal Visits, requests for anniversary or birthday messages, gift offers and similar matters). The address is: Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1.


    Updated: 2010-06-27